Oak plywood

oak plywood is also a heavy, hard plywood with a strong durability rating and excellent wear resistance. There are several different grades of oak plywood, including white and red oak. White and red oak are both quite strong, but white oak has a greater tendency to chip or splinter.White Oak (Plywood) has light sapwood and light to dark brown heartwood, mostly straight-grained with medium course texture. White Oak machine well and pre-boring is recommended. Very good for steam-bending. The red oak is one of the largest and most important timber trees. The red oak is a fast-growing, long-lived deciduous tree. Well structured, this tree grows straight and tall, developing a solid trunk and rounded top with age. Bark is grey-brown in colour and foliage is broad and glossy. In its native area, where winter temperatures are quite low, the dark green foliage turns a vibrant red colour.